[HD] Linkin Park - [No More Sorrow/Numb/Faint/One Step Closer] [Summer Sonic 2009]

Linkin Park - [No More Sorrow/Numb/Faint/One Step Closer] [Summer Sonic 2009]




  • Voice straight from big heart. Otherwise can't explain where it came from. Thanks for you.

    Jan BodoJan Bodo10 시간 전
  • Why would chesters microphone be SHUT off at the beginning.HE IS TRYING TO SING and Joe shakes his head LIKE A DISS TO our brother chester because it looks like it was chesters show ,shit SORRY it was and is and always be CHESTERS show.maybe I'm wrong but THAT'S what I see ANYWAYS..shinoda wanted some fame from lp but CHESTERS IS THE KING AND WILL BE FOREVER. everyone in this universe luvs our brother from the other mother brother forever and now THE GREATEST AND GREATEST AND MOST UNBELIEVABLE R.I.P. TO BROTHER CHESTER.I HOPE WHEN I LEAVE THIS PLACE I END UP WHERE U ARE BROTHER AND SO MANY FKNG AMAZING PEOPLE WE LOST TO THIS DAMN DEPRESSION. LETS ALL FIGHT TOGETHER TO FIND A WAY TO KILL THIS DEPRESSION ONCE AND FOREVER. I SUFFER WITH IT TO AND DEPRESSION NEEDS TO DIE.NOT OUR WONDERFUL BROTHER AND SISTERS.

    Dwayne KellyDwayne Kelly일 전
  • Those screams are just perfection! RIP Chester

    Turd FergusonTurd Ferguson일 전
  • Mike Shinoda appreciation comment.. ❤️

    Eskere EskeriniEskere Eskerini일 전
  • Salah satu penyanyi dengan suara yang sangat sangat sangat 😶 R.i.p Chester

    Den DjakaDen Djaka3 일 전
  • i just imagine how good must've been at one of them shows

    Lucas CabralLucas Cabral3 일 전
  • There's not voice as intense as Chester Benningtons 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 I have yet to see a concert as awesome as LP 🧡💜🧡💜

    Tamiko LeeTamiko Lee3 일 전
  • I never could understand how Chester could have such a strong, firece, loud gorgeous voice especially being a smoker 😉 I'm a smoker as well I can not hang with his strength full powerful forceful voice the same from beginning to end of show without a crack in it 😄🖤🥺💙 I miss you CB SOOOO VERY MUCH 💔😪 And the whole LP live shows 💔😪

    Tamiko LeeTamiko Lee5 일 전
  • I would like to travel time just to see one of their concerts

    PokerJolly1PokerJolly16 일 전
  • R.I.P. Chester…you were a large part of my childhood and I grew up listening to LP since the very first album. I cried after the news that you left us. My heart still aches…you will be missed and remembered forever.

    MooMooTheSpaceCowMooMooTheSpaceCow9 일 전
  • hola viejo amigo jaja tanlargo

    Kelvin Guerra RiveraKelvin Guerra Rivera11 일 전
  • I know he's had his struggles all throughout life but in No More Sorrow, his face shows so much passion but his eyes are so empty and dark :(

    Devx GamingDevx Gaming11 일 전
  • ร็อคอันดับ 1 ในใจตลอดกาล

    Non DokjikNon Dokjik13 일 전
  • They always gave it 110% never anything less ❤🥲

    Tamiko LeeTamiko Lee18 일 전
    • @Tamiko Lee Yes. You're spot on darlin' 💯 Always gave heart- soul- sweat & tears

      Nicole E. FrenchNicole E. French6 일 전
  • Chester Bennington amazing voice like scream demon linkinpark great best band

    francis dayaguitfrancis dayaguit19 일 전
  • I had to be comment #667

    jesus pliegojesus pliego19 일 전
  • 😌😌😌😌😌😌

    Patricia MoreiraPatricia Moreira23 일 전
  • That was just outstanding performance ever..RIP chester.. I will listen to your music untill the day I die..

    Tolongwangfa Sapholem1998Tolongwangfa Sapholem199823 일 전
  • this is a gift to my soul =.(

    Gustavo MendezGustavo Mendez28 일 전
  • Damn! why did he kill himself! soooo fucking missed! UNIQUE...on behalf of the world sorry Chest-ER!

    AL-Meligy Abu MolgaAL-Meligy Abu Molga개월 전
  • Mike looks like Nick Jonas.

    Binakadara JayasankaBinakadara Jayasanka개월 전
  • The legend.

    I JI J개월 전
  • Chester te amo

    Nay NNay N개월 전

    LGsusLGsus개월 전
  • Это шедевррррррррррр,,,,,,,,,,

    Dimon VolodinDimon Volodin개월 전
  • Auge do Linkin Park.

    Danilo FigueiredoDanilo Figueiredo개월 전
  • カッコえええ!!!

    middle fingers upmiddle fingers up개월 전
  • The best scremer ever rest in peace legend 🤘🤘

    Alex JonesAlex Jones개월 전

    Alex VosemtriAlex Vosemtri개월 전
  • 7:54 omg 😳😳😳

    Carlo ForelliCarlo Forelli개월 전
  • Mantap

    lutfi anggaralutfi anggara개월 전
  • Nooooo pk te fuistes teamo

    ReikReik개월 전
  • Pure entertainment

    laxmidevi ahirlaxmidevi ahir개월 전
  • I have seen no one else singing better than chester in live

    Amit DasAmit Das개월 전
  • The Most Beautiful Male Rock Voice

    KatrinValo398KatrinValo398개월 전
  • Magic

    Mel TaylorMel Taylor개월 전
  • This dude has an endless supply of oxygen I stg.

    ThePilotThePilot개월 전
  • this is insane!!!

    KimKim개월 전
  • I was there!

    Marcel SimoninMarcel Simonin개월 전
  • My mistery man VOiCE of my Life j burn for you chester as we Need as we want habit inside our Hearts

    guanziroli morenaguanziroli morena개월 전
  • inumb encore of in this world

  • sound frequency is high of mind mind

  • rock music is mind power

  • These are some of the best crowds!

    its XEDits XED개월 전
  • не ори, детей разбудишь

    Lucky LucianoLucky Luciano개월 전
  • Devil took Mikel Good took Chester :(

    VisorkuVisorku개월 전
  • Chills when this man screams

    Revaline IsleRevaline Isle2 개월 전
  • It's so hard to find signers that don't lip-sync anymore

    Revaline IsleRevaline Isle2 개월 전
  • im fighting my (powerful) deamons almost all my life too and when i saw/heard that shut up when im talking to you i immediately felt it in my soul/understood.. Chester was not singing that moment even though it sounded so awesome.. :'(

    Nikolai KirkanovicNikolai Kirkanovic2 개월 전
  • I missed old day when crowd just feel the concert instead of use smartphone

    Quang Lê MinhQuang Lê Minh2 개월 전
  • listening in 2021 from Brazil

    Fernando AzevedoFernando Azevedo2 개월 전
  • Fucking legends 😳😍

    Nele LouiNele Loui2 개월 전
  • Q brutalidad chester nunca te vi de esta forma, no era de mis bandas favoritas, pero joder q espectacular!!

    oliver carpiooliver carpio2 개월 전
  • 6

    César CorreaCésar Correa2 개월 전
  • 1

    César CorreaCésar Correa2 개월 전
  • 6

    César CorreaCésar Correa2 개월 전
  • .

    César CorreaCésar Correa2 개월 전
  • Love you Chester

    César CorreaCésar Correa2 개월 전
  • Tom Cruise on the drums! Awesome!

    The HereticThe Heretic2 개월 전
  • 🔥💯💛✨🔥🔥🔥

    Cris AM Workout - Cristian AmatriainCris AM Workout - Cristian Amatriain2 개월 전
  • Love chester❤❤❤❤❤

    Natti MeNatti Me2 개월 전
  • Voices like his stay for years and years in people's minds and hearts.

    Евгений КуликовЕвгений Куликов2 개월 전
    • It's gonna stay in mine for my entire lifetime, and it's been there since I was a kid.

      feargmfeargm2 개월 전
  • Sonic x cosmo death and linkin park no more sorrow for tails poor tails the Best song un tailsmo death

    Jesús streamer y su amiga cosmo the seedrian*™Jesús streamer y su amiga cosmo the seedrian*™2 개월 전
  • God I miss this guy

    KillerRiceCrackerKillerRiceCracker2 개월 전
  • Bro, f*ck¡n' girl of tik tok

    Ayrton MarquilloAyrton Marquillo2 개월 전
  • Is Linkin Park getting back together like ever?

    Louis ChavannesLouis Chavannes2 개월 전
  • Where this man with timecode?!

    GremikGremik2 개월 전
  • You let see your BODY Chester as you know your perfection but j love all of you nothing compare you mistery man VOiCE of me tell me if you too love me as j am lonly without your love

    guanziroli morenaguanziroli morena2 개월 전
  • I love these guys and it just is so sad to think that chester is gone it still is so hard to believe!Love you Linkin Park!R.I.P Chester!

    Michelle RosadaMichelle Rosada2 개월 전
  • Привет, послушайте пожалуйста кавер на Linkin Park - Numb ))konews.info/block/kH2HpsbRf6WDb9s/bidio

    Сергей БаданинСергей Баданин2 개월 전
  • Sometimes I just find out that I skip LP songs on my playlist because it’s just too hard to bear it and it makes me really sad hearing Chester’s voice.. Especially songs like In the End, One More Light and Heavy - can’t help thinking WHY YOU HAD TO GO, MAN?! and it makes me so depressed 😭 LP was a part of my youth for a long life period and it remains one of my favorite bands ever…

    • Loki Loses It •• Loki Loses It •2 개월 전
    • Я, думаю так же, сейчас у меня на репите уже вторую неделю Линкин, но через недельку я думаю я больше не смогу их слушать. Просто не смогу слушать, знать тексты песен, слышать и голос, и каждый раз задаваться вопросом почему он ушел.

      Андрей ХижнякАндрей Хижняк17 일 전
  • te doy dislike por que, como coño es posible que pongas anuncios ????????????????????????

    Eduardo Felipe Duffaut MolinaEduardo Felipe Duffaut Molina2 개월 전

    Виктор ЕвгеньевичВиктор Евгеньевич2 개월 전
  • This song is heavy. I love the vocals. R.i.p Chester

    I Am GrootI Am Groot2 개월 전
  • Ooo i miss you so seems like it's been forever that you've been gone... #2017 impact festival still remember. My first and their last live performance :(

    Double DDouble D2 개월 전
  • That sublime and authentic voice of Chester. Rest in peace legend ❤️

    0xRT0xRT2 개월 전
  • The only thing better than Linkin Park is Linkin park live !

    Saksham VarshneySaksham Varshney2 개월 전
  • I feel his pain . Damn ...

    no not meno not me2 개월 전
  • wszysstko live nie kurwa pc jak teraz

    WienioWienio2 개월 전
  • miss u chester we can hear u till play up there

    BananaManGodBananaManGod2 개월 전
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    Fency SmithFency Smith2 개월 전
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    Fency SmithFency Smith2 개월 전
  • 4 years.....

    e m a n u e le m a n u e l2 개월 전
  • Fun fact Chester was left-handed

    justin szumilasjustin szumilas3 개월 전
  • Your body so perfect,your face, your voice planetary and people Crazy for you chester nobody like you my magic wonderful love

    guanziroli morenaguanziroli morena3 개월 전
  • We miss you Chester

    Greg HoskinGreg Hoskin3 개월 전
  • Chester is LEGEND

    KrugeRs GamingKrugeRs Gaming3 개월 전
  • Love it 😍👉🇧🇷

    André SenaAndré Sena3 개월 전
  • Chester was one of the best vocalist of our time

    Abhik BhaduriAbhik Bhaduri3 개월 전
  • Sylwia RafalskaSylwia Rafalska3 개월 전
  • We all love and miss you Chester

    BananaManGodBananaManGod3 개월 전

    KevKev3 개월 전
  • Who the fuck dares to press dislike on this video?

    LegjendatLegjendat3 개월 전
  • We miss you Chester !!

    Bo NeBo Ne3 개월 전
  • I miss him.

    copy shycopy shy3 개월 전
  • I'd be going absolutely bonkers if I was in that crowd. I'd turn into a freakin muppet on crack dancing and screaming the lyrics. I love Chester so much. I love the whole band, and I am so happy Mike and others have picked up themselves to make more insanely good stuff. I can't wait for Mike to go live... See y'all in the pit someday

    Julia TarlingJulia Tarling3 개월 전
  • Chester's Vocals Are Supreme WOW

    BobCat MountainBobCat Mountain3 개월 전
  • Best vocals I've ever heard live. Omg.. Chester was a boss.

    Krista H.Krista H.3 개월 전
  • That voice 🙌🙌🙌🙌

    ToNeS_getn_ToAsTToNeS_getn_ToAsT3 개월 전
  • Бляяя и что дальше?

    Сергей БородинСергей Бородин3 개월 전