Metallica: Live at Slane Castle - Meath, Ireland - June 8, 2019 (Full Concert)

Filmed at Slane Castle in Meath, Ireland on June 8, 2019. Subscribe for more videos:

0:00:00 Hardwired
0:03:48 The Memory Remains
0:09:46 Ride The Lightning
0:16:34 Whiskey In The Jar
0:22:33 The Unforgiven
0:30:57 Now That We're Dead
0:38:50 Moth Into Flame
0:47:14 Sad But True
0:53:52 Halo on Fire
1:03:17 Rob & Kirk Doodle
1:10:20 Frantic
1:16:20 One
1:24:48 Master of Puppets
1:35:33 For Whom The Bell Tolls
1:40:20 Creeping Death
1:47:45 Seek & Destroy
1:57:48 Spit Out The Bone
2:04:54 Nothing Else Matters
2:11:56 Enter Sandman

Tour Video Director: Gene McAuliffe
Edited by Jeff Yeager
Audio Recorded by Jason Gossman
Audio Mixed by the Team at Factory Six

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  • Excellent show damn I need to pay this 20 stacks restitution I need to travel I missed you in Louisville Kentucky last month cause nobody told me I was always working.

    Dwight CumminsDwight Cummins23 시간 전

    Gaming BallsGaming Balls일 전
    • sounding better than "wine" boyz

      Gaming BallsGaming Balls일 전
  • After all these years (since my childhood), He and the band are STILL rocking! Just as I remember em! I got to get out to one of these shows!

    The Angry Archie PodcastThe Angry Archie Podcast일 전
  • Come si fa a non amarli!?

    Manuela BenaglioManuela Benaglio2 일 전
  • Барабанщику респект!!!!

    Макс ПронинМакс Пронин2 일 전
  • Good GOD Metallica STILL KILLS!! 🌹🖤🌟🖤🌹 Love Hetfield’s incredible voice. Insane band!

    BarrySmithViolinBarrySmithViolin2 일 전
  • *Класс, чётко, в натуре чётко! Умеете, могёте!* 🗿🗿🗿🗿

    AlexLAlexL2 일 전
  • hearing this live really gave me chills. it brought back the days i would listen to it and wonder when i would ever see them

    ThoughtlessVideosThoughtlessVideos3 일 전
  • o Lars só fez merda na Sad but true foi a primeira q vi ... e na unforgiven a corda si esta meio fora... depois desisti de ver o resto.... como sempre falo metallica morreu no black album

  • James Hetfield has his pipes working for him again in live concerts... great to see the guy Who inspired me to learn how to play going all out with those pipes

    Himanshu YadavHimanshu Yadav3 일 전
    • and this doesnt matter anything, let us see what you can play at this age after all this concerts, drugs and life, we will judge you when you come around, he has done everything to show that he can, now its time to rest enjoy the music, this memories will remain!

      MishuaFirestoneMishuaFirestone4 시간 전

  • Зеиымол живёт в другом мире.

    Ёшкин КотЁшкин Кот3 일 전
  • I miss Jason's "MOTHERF%$^#%R DIE!"

    trach1trach14 일 전
  • i have loved Metallica since LAKE COMPOUND!! LONG BEFORE ANYBODY ELSE!!! last time I saw them Hartford CT and they [played all the old songs

  • Damn, Hammett needs his guitar tuned for "The Unforgiven." The clean chorus, was rough.

    Metal ManMetal Man4 일 전
    • Just noticed that though I was crazy!!! God is waaaaayyy out of tune!!!! Kkkkkk

      Leandro Donizeti BarbosaLeandro Donizeti Barbosa2 일 전
  • 1:03:13 - Guess that guy missed Ride The Ligtning when it was played 6 songs earlier :D

    DetlethDetleth5 일 전
  • La que habéis liao chatos! (love, love, loe)

    Miguel Heredia PlazaMiguel Heredia Plaza5 일 전
  • Os amo, os amo, os amo (i l love you, y love you, i love you)

    Miguel Heredia PlazaMiguel Heredia Plaza5 일 전
  • Keep on Kings! In love with you

    Miguel Heredia PlazaMiguel Heredia Plaza5 일 전
  • Exodus is better than Metallica.

    Lado Rock Kadu GuarienteLado Rock Kadu Guariente6 일 전
  • mantap edannnnnnn

    Abah Wedy1976Abah Wedy19766 일 전
  • Anybody knows where I can get similar boots that James wears I will personally sing you the Call of Ktulu

    King FotisKing Fotis6 일 전
  • yes metallica

  • mellica yes men

  • Amo essa banda

    Jailson SouzaJailson Souza6 일 전
  • Good

  • в чём прикол интро Металлики, где мужик по кладбищу бегает под ковбойскую музыку?

    Дмитрий ТкаченкоДмитрий Ткаченко7 일 전
  • )

    Игорь ГусаченкоИгорь Гусаченко7 일 전
  • Erie, rocking capital of the world

    Ivy RoseIvy Rose8 일 전
  • Like how this concert went from day to night... that's unusual because they're usually just inside, and at night.

    Ivy RoseIvy Rose8 일 전
  • I'm a rocker, but fairly new to Metallica per say.. have to say, glad they got out Before the Virus!

    Ivy RoseIvy Rose8 일 전
  • Se eu tivesse talento eu puxava na gaita ou viola e violão só basta. Admirar

    Wander Lopes Azeredo CoutinhoWander Lopes Azeredo Coutinho8 일 전
  • Vcs moram no meu coração e na minha playlist! Amo de paixão!!!🤘♥️♥️

    Regina M R RodriguesRegina M R Rodrigues8 일 전
  • Superbe concert !

    GTGT9 일 전
  • to play this song alive like this, is something like OUT OF THIS WORLD...

    Umran BerişUmran Beriş9 일 전
  • Жесть как всегда Музыка на века!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    Сергей СагайдачныйСергей Сагайдачный9 일 전
  • Metallica

    Juan GonzalezJuan Gonzalez9 일 전
  • James' voice is like fine wine.

    Josh AliceaJosh Alicea10 일 전
  • so I lived to see the time when Head is standing on the stage with a facial expression of the professor (father) thinking something thoughtfully :) 01:02:47 - 01:03:04

    Black RockBlack Rock10 일 전
  • Russia, with deep understanding is also with you!

    Black RockBlack Rock10 일 전
  • Metallica cured my ADD for 2 hours and 23 minutes

    igotzeldaigotzelda10 일 전
  • 1:19:56 this part sounds great, James voice is legend "fed through the tube that STICKS IN ME!" ::echo echo echo:

    igotzeldaigotzelda10 일 전
  • Memory remains is so beautiful 😢

    Evil CuteyEvil Cutey11 일 전
  • Great Show !

    Radoslaw RskiRadoslaw Rski11 일 전
  • Kurt Hammond is an extremely underrated Lead Guitarist! Great Musician!

    TheJackflash85TheJackflash8511 일 전
    • kirk hammet, he is not underrrated, who appreciates metal, recognises him has one of the best guitar players ever

      heldereheldere10 일 전
  • This is why this band kicks ass - 'The memory remains' was a fairly weak song on the album - but when you hear how they wanted it to be heard - hear them live - f**k me they blow us all away!!

    Garry WolfeGarry Wolfe11 일 전
  • LARS very easy

  • The Unforgiven's clean tone is pretty much unforgiving

    Francisco BarrosFrancisco Barros12 일 전
    • eñe ññññ

      RatZorXRatZorX12 일 전
  • Metallica when will you return to precentar in Bogota Colombia?

    camilo sanabriacamilo sanabria13 일 전
  • I am so glad this band still exists

    Mike MarshMike Marsh13 일 전
  • Olha nois aqui 2021 ouvindo Metallica

  • the doodle was great

    AmericanFreedomAmericanFreedom13 일 전
  • Metallica has finally reached iron Maiden status

    Daniel ColvilleDaniel Colville14 일 전
  • Загнали всё

    Сергей ХаритоновСергей Харитонов14 일 전

    matt brownmatt brown15 일 전
  • Alot of people there but compared to the 1991 moscow monsters of rock concert they played at, this crowd here is like the que was to the toilet there lol

    Jesse BellaJesse Bella16 일 전
  • Круто!

    Алекасндр АкимовАлекасндр Акимов16 일 전
  • They’re playing to a click track and for Lars that’s great to see because at his age and with the music they’ve played for decades the ears just cannot discern tempo in relation to other instruments and you wind up trying to find your place rather than just playing and then that messes you up even more and it was obvious to me he is just couldn’t hear live and it was screwing with his playing. Also when you’re straining to hear correctly even with an ear piece it just causes tension in your playing and it’s clear that he’s much much more relaxed now and back to form because of it.

    Rick FreedRick Freed16 일 전
  • Well nothing else matters........fukn brilliant

    Greg DempseyGreg Dempsey17 일 전
    • ñeñe

      RatZorXRatZorX12 일 전
  • Very Nice....i Love Metallica...

    Asenk Lee Saragih ManihurukAsenk Lee Saragih Manihuruk17 일 전
  • James is the most oldest I've seen him but his voice has gone back to young .

    Jose MartinezJose Martinez17 일 전
  • This is excellent :D

    Azmir IsmailAzmir Ismail17 일 전
  • Relaxing🌧⛈🌛☇🙏☈

    Irsyad RafiIrsyad Rafi18 일 전
    • 🙏🙏🙏.Praying🌛🌧⛈

      Irsyad RafiIrsyad Rafi18 일 전
  • Man, the energy of the crowd friggin' SOARED when they played Whiskey in the Jar. That is one of the coolest things I've ever heard. So awesome.

    Matt BagleyMatt Bagley19 일 전
  • he best group in the world and in the entire universe.

    Iván CalderónIván Calderón19 일 전
  • El mejor grupo del mundo

    Iván CalderónIván Calderón19 일 전
  • Eu fui, eu tava 🥰🖤🤘🏽

    Keli GouveiaKeli Gouveia19 일 전
  • すばらしい・感動しました、マダみんな頑張っているんだ、、感動しました、、本物だね。

    立花広立花広20 일 전
  • James on point with his voice on Ride the Lightning

    david garciadavid garcia20 일 전
  • James seemed upset at the intro of From Whom the Bell Tolls

    Jack ChowJack Chow20 일 전
  • I know Hetfield was in the bottle during this period, but damn....he was on fucking point for this show

    AliceInPanteraAliceInPantera20 일 전
  • We have been through so much negative shit lately..seeing these most amazing guy's has made me smile. I truly love Metallica. I'm 46 years old and have followed, listen to these men. Amongst men. True. Hard core MEN. This generation now...I am sad.

    liam lapierreliam lapierre20 일 전
    • I am 43... And still listening to MetallicA and enjoying them

      Victor EL KhouryVictor EL Khoury11 일 전
  • ☠☠☠ Perú ☠☠☠

    Juan José Tovar PradoJuan José Tovar Prado20 일 전
  • 우리 메탈리카 채널의 구독자가 현재 8백만이 안 된다는 것에 약간의 불만이 생긴다. 내 생각에는 메탈리카의 세계관이 확 바뀌어야 한다. 이제 세계는 공유의 시대로 가고 있다. 흐름에 맞추어 메탈리카 채널도 모든 음원을 공유하여야 하지 않을까? 메탈리카가 있기에 우리가 있고 우리가 있기에 메탈리카도 있기에, 이것은 해 주었으면 하는 부탁이 아니라 그래야만 한다는 당위의 문제라고 생각한다.

    KS ShimKS Shim22 일 전
  • :awesome:

    EE22 일 전
  • He fucked up Enter Saandman.....

    Easily OffendedEasily Offended22 일 전
  • 1:29:18 🤦

  • Wonder who the guy was who said lets put two giant jerkoff balloons at the top of the stage

    Easily OffendedEasily Offended23 일 전
  • 2021.... decades of these guys ripping it up.

    tom brochutom brochu23 일 전
  • Красавцы!!!

    AndryushaAndryusha24 일 전
  • It's worse than that he's drunk Jim.

    ToadyToady24 일 전
  • qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvnnm

    Ewit KtpEwit Ktp24 일 전
  • Приезжайте в Россию ещё, здесь вас ждут!🤘🤘🤘

    геннадий пьянухингеннадий пьянухин24 일 전
  • Lars is noticibily better playing to a click.

    Card Shark ChrisCard Shark Chris24 일 전
  • 31:07 Yo, look at James' left leg, IS THAT CORPSEGRINDER?! (Guy with the camera)

    •_Falcon_••_Falcon_•24 일 전
  • bruh why i shulod not be watching this'

    Jeffrey RobertsonJeffrey Robertson25 일 전
  • Is James drinking whiskey in the cup at 16:40 minutes?

    Daniel AzevedoDaniel Azevedo25 일 전
  • 1:28:41 goddamn my ears are in heaven

    Trawnik z BydgoszczyTrawnik z Bydgoszczy25 일 전
  • Metallica and Iron Maiden rocking on 2021 can you fucking believe it?

    33shin3333shin3325 일 전
  • I had the kirk's guitar on guitar hero metallica. emotions

    MaxMax26 일 전
  • they are the highlanders of my era

    MaxMax26 일 전
  • Haha James playing a The Edge-like explorer in Ireland. Love it🎶🤙

    KimboSliceKimboSlice26 일 전
  • Is there a legit castle next to the venue? Badass!

    Scotty 2 hottieScotty 2 hottie27 일 전
    • @sehguh very cool thanks

      Scotty 2 hottieScotty 2 hottie17 일 전
    • Yes Slane castle, in a small village outside Dublin. One of Irelands best concert venues. Its a natural amphitheater. All the biggest acts have played here. I was at so many. This and red hot chili peppers were epic.

      sehguhsehguh17 일 전
  • I remember when I first heard of Metallica in the '80's when I was in high school thinking, what a stupid name for a band they're never going to go anywhere

    Carew MartinCarew Martin27 일 전
  • the sound thou.. the soundmixer smoked way to much ganja

    FugleSkarn ProductionsFugleSkarn Productions27 일 전
  • さいこー!

    Hisae SashikataHisae Sashikata27 일 전
  • IsharuIsharu27 일 전
  • metalica is life

    Lluni eduvix Vera AmpueroLluni eduvix Vera Ampuero27 일 전
  • Relaxing Music The Weather🎧🌧☈⛈☇🎸🎧🎙🎵🎶🎹🎼🕪🎸

    Irsyad RafiIrsyad Rafi28 일 전
    • 💚💚💚

      Irsyad RafiIrsyad Rafi28 일 전