Shawn Mendes Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair

Shawn Mendes takes the infamous Vanity Fair lie detector test. Is he really the nicest guy in Hollywood? Was he nervous the first time he met Justin Bieber? How many times did girlfriend Camila Cabello put him in the friend-zone before she started dating him? Is it fair to say their dog Tarzan likes Camila more than Shawn? Is he upset Harry Styles doesn't follow him back on Instagram?

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Shawn Mendes Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair




  • Like? Like? Like?

    hiba binth harishiba binth haris2 시간 전

    hiba binth harishiba binth haris2 시간 전
  • Me hearing army is also called bts fanbase name and my hearteu bouncing like yeh ! BTS is everywhere 😂

    Bhumi SharmaBhumi Sharma3 시간 전
  • Omg why would he agree to this everyone’s so 😐🤐🤔

    Cream BCream B3 시간 전
  • What the eff

    Sir JMSir JM5 시간 전
  • Dang, Shawn Mendes was so goofy throughout the entire Lie Detector test.

    Arnold SmithArnold Smith12 시간 전
  • How is he only 23?!

    Paige MannPaige Mann16 시간 전
  • That's literally me nervous laughs everytime!

    Neishu T MaymacNeishu T Maymac19 시간 전
  • Shawn is sooo sweet!!

    Liz MaciasLiz Macias20 시간 전
  • 🍎🍓🍇🍌🥝🍑

    jen ً??jen ً??23 시간 전
  • He’s never gonna beat the allegations huh

    Marie annMarie ann일 전
  • Make camila cabello

    wendy sibelle brito santiagowendy sibelle brito santiago일 전
  • this looks scripted

    Siddhartha SharmaSiddhartha Sharma일 전
  • It gives me... Cher

    Jared DePewJared DePew일 전
  • OMG!! Shawn Mendes being friend-zoned by Camilla is the best thing I heard in a long time. IT HAD ME!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Lujayne RashidLujayne Rashid일 전
  • Idk but I find it really cute when it's about Camilla hes like a 16 yo kiddo who's madly in love

    10969 Orube10969 Orube일 전
  • Pleaseeee Shawn is so cute, we don't deserve him

    Pigxxis MartePigxxis Marte일 전
  • did it hurt ur feelings that tarzan posted for camila on mothersday and not for you?…. uhhmmm what kind of a question is that lmao.. no.. maybe.. cause it’s.. mothersday?! and fathersday does exist too

    Alisa SchmidtAlisa Schmidt일 전
  • Ew

    Rhett OhlerkingRhett Ohlerking일 전
  • Explains how to do laundry. “He’s telling the truth.”

    Paulina Rivas-SilverioPaulina Rivas-Silverio2 일 전
  • Few little things he said reveal a lot, I don't believe he's straight

    Simon IvesSimon Ives2 일 전
    • Stop with the baseless assumptions/stereotypes!

      MarÍa Eugenia Pico MerchÁnMarÍa Eugenia Pico MerchÁn19 시간 전
  • Loved this and I don’t even know or listen to his music. Genuinely sweet guy.

    A Blessed WomanA Blessed Woman2 일 전
  • He is so cute😂

    ALhanoof 175ALhanoof 1752 일 전
  • oh i didnt know he is so sweet and cute like this.

    KeithKeith2 일 전
  • 😭😇🥺

    SimplyCxt Moved :/SimplyCxt Moved :/2 일 전
  • Thank you so much for saying that brown eyes are beautiful I have brown eyes 👀

    SimplyCxt Moved :/SimplyCxt Moved :/2 일 전
  • 4:42 “I can achieve it” 😂 lol this answer was adorable. also “I don’t remember what the question was”

    Ria KRia K2 일 전
  • I'm trying to be good to you yes or no I'm just trying to be nice this is bammer Lynn flannelly

    Bammer FlannellyBammer Flannelly2 일 전
  • A bill I'm just asking you if you want to be my friend yes or no

    Bammer FlannellyBammer Flannelly2 일 전
  • Confidence I like that!

    Bangtan's GalaxyBangtan's Galaxy3 일 전
  • These ppl are scary lol

    Kevaughn RichardsonKevaughn Richardson3 일 전
  • Lmao every second of this I felt how uncomfortable he was right know

    Kevaughn RichardsonKevaughn Richardson3 일 전
  • Like these ppl or looking for tea lol

    Kevaughn RichardsonKevaughn Richardson3 일 전
  • He seem nervous af lmao

    Kevaughn RichardsonKevaughn Richardson3 일 전
  • Im a huge fan of mendes army❤️❤️ and recently I beacame army💜 I can't give up both❤️💜

    abigail Selvarajabigail Selvaraj3 일 전
  • Shawn is a precious specimen 🥰 He is adorably funny!

    Thao PhamThao Pham3 일 전
  • 4:18 was it by camilla or what!!

    Aya abdelaziz YousefAya abdelaziz Yousef3 일 전
  • I hate this dude 😑

    Ryan SolomonszRyan Solomonsz3 일 전
  • harry styles doenst even follow his mom back…

    Anna GordonAnna Gordon3 일 전
  • He took this way too seriously 🤣🤣

    CelebIGLivesCelebIGLives3 일 전
  • What if He said ''YEAH'' at last..

    Dinuga DewdunDinuga Dewdun4 일 전
  • interresting

    Eliel ArancibiaEliel Arancibia4 일 전
  • Yo!...he said that Mendes army is probably not more intense than BTS army.....but I'm a bts army as well as Mendes army....😭

    Evafonsie FonsieEvafonsie Fonsie4 일 전
  • I would like to see Camila on the lie detector!!

    Sonia VioletaSonia Violeta4 일 전
  • 4:23 😳✨

    Nazrin JamalkhanliNazrin Jamalkhanli4 일 전

    Nazrin JamalkhanliNazrin Jamalkhanli4 일 전
  • They could’ve just asked him🙄 yall know what im talking about

    Jair RiveraJair Rivera4 일 전
  • HE LIE!

    Owen RodríguezOwen Rodríguez4 일 전
  • Omg he’s so cute

    M MM M4 일 전
  • This was really awkward to watch I’m not sure why, but Shawn Mendes was funny

    Michelle BelleMichelle Belle4 일 전
  • "what's on YOUR for you page" - good job Shawn

    Jade VidalJade Vidal4 일 전
  • I was Admiring his smile this whole video🥰❤

    PriyaPriya5 일 전
  • 12:07 that has to be set up like dude why bring bts and bts army and ask that kind of question "do you think that mendes army is more intense than bts army"

    Purple_aesthetic Purple_aesthetic 5 일 전
  • No one : Shawn M on most of the questions : YEah AbSOluteLY! XD

    VinukiVinuki5 일 전
  • He's just so nice 😍

    Smritee ThulungSmritee Thulung5 일 전
  • I’m kinda scared of interviewer

    MunkhjinMunkhjin5 일 전
  • Shawn Mendes said he struggles with blue eyes i have blue eyes.....

    Edith BEdith B5 일 전
    • shawn medes ''yeah absolutely'' ''yeah absolutely'' ''yeah absolutely''

      Edith BEdith B5 일 전
  • Shawn: straightens his hair man: don’t move ok Shawn:yes sir😐 *in his mind* when we finish please it’s a torture😩 😂😂😂😂

    Federica BarbaroFederica Barbaro5 일 전
  • 2:30

    Zahra AminZahra Amin5 일 전
  • This video and the music is so intense it looks like a horror mv

    I know what i am talking about.I know what i am talking about.5 일 전
  • Literally that woman had Shawn Mendes infront of her and she was like: 😐

    Luna CabreraLuna Cabrera5 일 전
  • Actually you lied Shawn. You are not nicer than Harry Styles.

    ElsieElsie5 일 전
  • I was too busy watching his laugh I didn't cared about the questions

    I'm just viduI'm just vidu5 일 전
  • No one: Me: *yeah absolutely * is my new favorite thing to say.

    Nana Ama AchiaaNana Ama Achiaa6 일 전
  • Y'all really tried to set him up so bad

    Anushka PantAnushka Pant6 일 전
  • 😂😂

    Stuti VaidStuti Vaid6 일 전
  • To think i became a mendez-army first before becoming a BTS-army

    Sharii is Being BTS ARMYSharii is Being BTS ARMY6 일 전
  • Why was he so nervous? He’s adorable lol

    Alicyn SeniorAlicyn Senior6 일 전
  • I can't stop smiling...but he definitely isn't nicer than Harry Styles

    Marcellino KariukiMarcellino Kariuki6 일 전
  • You came here for 13:00 thank me later

    Davinchyii :DDavinchyii :D7 일 전
  • Benny Drama needs to parody this ASAP 😂

    AquariaAquaria7 일 전
  • This makes me so uncomfortable

    Haley BeckerHaley Becker7 일 전
  • Harry styles is teaching "Treat people with kindness" and cheating his girlfriend camille rowe after watermelon sugar high.

    Noorah FutaimNoorah Futaim7 일 전
  • I love shawn mendes for being honest and the most important thing for being himself.

    Noorah FutaimNoorah Futaim7 일 전
  • This is cute. I think he is very very very nice

    Vyana KVyana K7 일 전
  • Shawn saying yeah absolutely so many times 😭😭

    Anuhya SayyaAnuhya Sayya7 일 전

    Anuhya SayyaAnuhya Sayya7 일 전
  • 😄The laundry question 😆

    Damaris AguileraDamaris Aguilera7 일 전
  • Pls Shawn saying Taylor's bf looks a bit like a villain😂😂

    Anuhya SayyaAnuhya Sayya7 일 전
  • Taylor's and Shawn's friendship >>>

    Anuhya SayyaAnuhya Sayya7 일 전
  • His little smile when he said he has been friend zoned a few times😂

    Anuhya SayyaAnuhya Sayya7 일 전
  • His smile is everything ❤️

    Anuhya SayyaAnuhya Sayya7 일 전
  • He's so cute 🥲

    Anuhya SayyaAnuhya Sayya7 일 전
  • Literally nothing at all: Sean: 🤣💕❤️😊👍🧚🌞🌺🌸🌅🎇🌈✨💥☀️⚡️

    Nate MNate M7 일 전
  • He looked so nervous the whole time!

    Evelyn BarrettEvelyn Barrett7 일 전
  • He's soooo nervous stopppp lmao

    Valentina FernandezValentina Fernandez7 일 전
  • he looks really uncomfortable

    Khaiabear NehoKhaiabear Neho7 일 전
  • Hs hs

    Xiomara EncisoXiomara Enciso7 일 전
  • He was being so honest about all the BTS army questions lmao 🤣🤣

    Arupkumar MitraArupkumar Mitra7 일 전
  • The fact that BTS debut earlier than Shawn and he said BTS fan base name Army stole his fan base name is hilarious. 😂 Regrets filled his eyes 😂

    Rabia ÄFzAŁRabia ÄFzAŁ8 일 전
    • Yes but he was just joking he is a nice person

      tae's lovetae's love6 일 전
  • Narrator : “you follow Michelle Obama but not Barack” Shawn : “really?”

    TurtleTCPTurtleTCP8 일 전
  • I learned how to do laundry quicker than Shawn Mendes. Achievement.

    TurtleTCPTurtleTCP8 일 전
  • The Alternative title should be Shawn Mendes awkwardly laughing for 15 minutes straight.

    tiya mehratiya mehra8 일 전
  • this dude is undoubtedly the most adorable 😭🥺💞@shawnmendes

    Sainsringdi HagjerSainsringdi Hagjer8 일 전
  • It's okay to be friendzoned, it'll end up in a relationship

    RosegirlRosegirl8 일 전
  • when they were talking about john maybe and shawn said “i think that when he’s ready....” WHY DID I THINK HE WAS GONNA START SINGING WHEN UR READY AND SAY IM WAITING.

    candicandi8 일 전
  • he’s so obviously nervous it’s funny 💀also the silence is *so loud*

    candicandi8 일 전
  • I love him sm ahh

    Shenia EdwardsShenia Edwards8 일 전
  • He’s soooo cute! ♥️🤣

    Appy DesaiAppy Desai8 일 전
  • The people interviewing are always so serious like this is just for fun people!!

    Bianca ChiareliBianca Chiareli8 일 전