Linkin Park Full Album | Linkin Park Greatest Hits 2021

Linkin Park Full Album | Linkin Park Greatest Hits 2021
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  • Love it

  • Taking a Poll. The New Lead Singer For Linkin Park Should Be Matt Walst of My Dakest Days, check out the song, "Still Worth Fighting For."

    Damon DenisDamon Denis13 일 전
  • Where Are From The Inside and Final Masquerade

    KatrinValo398KatrinValo39819 일 전
  • Rip king

    Sal SSal S21 일 전
  • 🇧🇷❤️🇧🇷❤️🇧🇷❤️

    Elcimar LopesElcimar Lopes22 일 전
  • One more light sounds different this one is my fav. idk i just feel what chester really feels. 🙁 LP is the best 😞

    Sweet PotatoSweet Potato26 일 전
  • Nice

    Satrio MuckySatrio Mucky개월 전
  • Favourite u Chester ..RIP..

    Ketina GimosKetina Gimos개월 전
  • Best

    Andrijan_ MinicAndrijan_ Minic개월 전
  • es increíble las sensaciones que trasmiten .rompen las barreras del idioma 🤩

    lluver diazlluver diaz개월 전
  • Please use the real singers and Linkin park don't sing readons

    Angela KallelAngela Kallel개월 전
  • it feels different when you hear cover for LP songs

    Omar FarouqOmar Farouq개월 전
    • Hhgguytyy6tyu

      Ardhan GarrArdhan Garr개월 전
  • For Me It's Back To "putih abu abu" 😅 The Legend Is Never Die May God Gave The Mercy For You Ches 🤲

    Arnold HeriyantoArnold Heriyanto개월 전
  • Wow Lupita nmn ..

    sinubo Ni friendsinubo Ni friend2 개월 전
  • Your the only 1 in this earth..... Greatest of them all...

    francis enrique untalanfrancis enrique untalan2 개월 전
  • rest in peace chester

    felicia dickfelicia dick2 개월 전
    • Still can't believe he is gone. 😪

      Terry McCahillTerry McCahill28 일 전
  • Super song

    Chandrakala AChandrakala A2 개월 전
  • Lmao at the faint song on this list what the actual fuck it’s like a bunch of smurfs sang it 🤣🤣

    Adam MauerAdam Mauer2 개월 전
  • Mantap bikin hati tenag

    Sumartono NoSumartono No2 개월 전
  • People dies but legends live forever . Like Chester Bennington

    Atanu GhoshAtanu Ghosh3 개월 전
  • 🥁🎸🎙️🎤

    劉財富劉財富3 개월 전

    劉財富劉財富3 개월 전
  • Linkin Park

    劉財富劉財富3 개월 전
    • Still makes makes me sad...such a sure he was a great guy too.

      Terry McCahillTerry McCahill28 일 전
  • 傳奇永不消逝

    雞排鹹酥雞珍珠奶茶大魷魚營運長雞排鹹酥雞珍珠奶茶大魷魚營運長3 개월 전
  • Thank you so much.Great compilation.Beautiful relaxing song.I love it.When you're happy you enjoy the music,but when you're sad you understand the lyrics.May God bless you always.Have a worderful day.❤️

    Slow Rock Ballads 80's, 90'sSlow Rock Ballads 80's, 90's3 개월 전
  • linkin park singing feel good?... i dont believe.

    Jenny patricia Niño moraJenny patricia Niño mora3 개월 전
  • I love linkinpark 💋

  • linkin park songs never dies in my heart 😘😘love this songs...Chester idol

    yhædńí kæmbæļyhædńí kæmbæļ3 개월 전
  • 1.00:01 In the End 2.03:36 Numb 3.07:20 What I've Done 4.11:12 New Divide 5.15:45 Crawling 6.19:10 Castle Of Glass 7.22:33 Faint 8.25:41 One More Light 9.29:54 Papercut 10.33:06 Somewhere I Belong 11.~20. Random

    Dylan musicDylan music3 개월 전
  • More than half of it isn't even linken park.

    Sarah BreerSarah Breer3 개월 전
  • It's June 2021, anyone still listening? Linkin Park's music is legendary, thanks for bringing me into the world of ROCK

    Music ParadiseMusic Paradise3 개월 전
    • 2021....from 2000 till now...still listening. One of my favourite rock band

      Ernasha SaharaErnasha Sahara3 개월 전
    • I've always loved Linkin Park's music, so anytime I get the chance to listen to them, I will in a heart beat!

      Chad HustedChad Husted3 개월 전
  • 👍👍👍

    Arsinah SalimArsinah Salim3 개월 전
  • Show!!

    My name *****My name *****4 개월 전
  • The #7. Faint and #8 One More Light was not performed by LP. I think it is a cover. It's great though.

    Cyrus AcunaCyrus Acuna4 개월 전
    • @Pat Ruotolo How is he wrong?

      Eddie RuddockEddie Ruddock3 개월 전
    • Wrong

      Pat RuotoloPat Ruotolo4 개월 전
  • Què hermosa.

    akbar tanjungakbar tanjung4 개월 전
  • Sae pisan BHS Sunda Indonesia

    Salim NizarSalim Nizar4 개월 전
  • Otro año sin el gran vocalista Chester con esa voz que tenía de ángel pero a la vez de un demonio se te extraña 😞😞😞😞

    jose juan Benítez bernaljose juan Benítez bernal4 개월 전
  • Hadir sore abang

    muh. sawalludin keluarga besar gctfmuh. sawalludin keluarga besar gctf4 개월 전
  • nakut

    Sumiatun 1234Sumiatun 12344 개월 전
    • slamin

      Sumiatun 1234Sumiatun 12344 개월 전
    • okeyua

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    • thx

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  • เข้าใจก็พอแล้ว

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  • Chester, oro sempre por você...

    Júlio Cesar Fontes PereiraJúlio Cesar Fontes Pereira4 개월 전
  • the vibe is different when you're in depression...

    ANGGI piratesANGGI pirates5 개월 전
    • When depression is in you*

      Eddie RuddockEddie Ruddock3 개월 전
  • Where can I find out more about this fantastic album and the collaborations - so glad to hear it

    Jason De platerJason De plater5 개월 전
    • the music is awesome. thank you

       Alternative Rock 90S Alternative Rock 90S4 개월 전
  • This is so beautiful and relaxing, thank you.

    Slow Rock Songs 80'sSlow Rock Songs 80's5 개월 전
  • Dislike because the title of the video is wrong.

    Stephanie FelixStephanie Felix5 개월 전

    Nial GingerNial Ginger5 개월 전
  • LP Forever~ Great collection of songs!

    Stanley JiaStanley Jia5 개월 전
  • Nice bro 😍😍😍

    Eliud BeltranEliud Beltran5 개월 전