[vlog] started to raise

We recently adopted new family member, Soseol - 2 months old munchkin short leg kitten.

This is a vlog of first 7 days of raising this kitten and existing pomeranian puppy(7 months) together.

Soseol- AKA Seol, She’s British Shorthair kind of munchkin shortleg
Sowoon - AKA Woon, He’s Pomeranian dog
Soba, Somyeon - AKA Big bro \u0026 big sis, both Shiba-inu dogs
They don’t only live outside, they have a place in home too

Camera - I use several cameras, mainly Sony A6400 and Leica Q2

+ Music list (from 4:10 )
1. Desert Silhouette - Trevor Kowalski
2. Airae - Clarity
3. Hara Noda - Catcher
4. Guustavv - Espresso
5. Guustavv - Santa Swing





  • Какие коты милые и вместе с тем высокомерные. Постоянно доброжелательные собак унижают.

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  • Soo cute 😘😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰

    Evi KurniawatiEvi Kurniawati6 시간 전
  • I’ve gone through this ritual with a few friends of mine and with the same result (well…anal sniffing withstanding!) 🐥

    L.L.7 시간 전
  • 포멜도 순둥이 냥이도 순둥이~~ 어느새 친해져서 같이 잘 놀고!! 밖에 있는 애들이 "얜 뭐니? 너 알어?" 하는 표정으로 시선이 꽂히공 ㅎㅎㅎ 모두 모두 건강하게.... 냥이를 내 주머니에 넣고 오고 싶당....후후후

    이춘선이춘선10 시간 전
  • 먼치킨 이니까 치킨 이가괞찮을듯

    최재호최재호13 시간 전
  • From 19:10 tiL End, Who needs a Mouse on your Computer when you already have a Cat. 🤗🤗😊😊🤣🤣👍👍

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  • nice

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  • I love cat and dog so much

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  • Nice

  • Lol

  • Thank y'all so much dearest 🌹 Y'all such an inspiration 🥰 Appreciate y'all from the bottom of my heart 💖 Be Blissful Eternally 🙏👼🌈

    Bliss WKCBliss WKC19 시간 전
  • What's the music for this video? It's a really beautiful composition.

    Geof ThompsonGeof Thompson21 시간 전
  • 둘다 막 낳은 강쥐랑 냥이 같이 키우면 형제마냥 자랄까요? 첨부터 으르렁 댈까요??

    pios handsomepios handsome23 시간 전
  • So adorable 😛😛😛😛😛♥️♥️♥️♥️ how can someone dislike the video 😀

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  • ^^

    고양이  악락사 전문업체고양이 악락사 전문업체일 전
  • 이 영상보고 채널 구독했던게 엊그제 같은데.. 벌써 1년이 지났다뇨 ㅠㅠ 정말 오랜만에 이 채널 들어와서 이 영상을 보려고 하니 조회수에 한번 놀라고 설이 어렸을때 얼굴보고 또한번 놀랬습니다 ㅠㅠ 진짜 분명 내가 봤을땐 몇십만회였나 몇만회였나 그랬는데 ㅠㅠ 소설이 인기스타 인정.. 또한번 힐링하고 갑니다~!

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  • 好可愛

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  • omg this is just so cute thanks for uploading this!!!

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  • Both adorable! Where does that breed of cat originate?

    Lori SimonLori Simon일 전
  • So cute really enjoyed seeing these two interact. The dog is so wanting to play with his new sister.

    Diane JohnstonDiane Johnston일 전
  • i cant handle that much cuteness 🥰🥰🥰

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  • 이쁘게 생겼네~

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  • Gentle and relaxing video

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  • Прелесть! Спасибо за удовольствие!

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  • This little puppy is so friendly and patient, I adore his great Character!

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  • У вас в приют и манчкинов сдают?Что то не верится...

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  • 15:42 Que es esto?? se comE?? a verrrr grñam WTF por q me pegas tenes comida ahi pegada! xd

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  • 한국인좀..

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  • You should have put the kitten in a small place where it would have felt safe to retreat. You made it traumatic for the kitten when it did not have to be.

    Lovin'Life2016Lovin'Life20162 일 전
  • Next . .this kitten rules the house ..😹

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  • The dog and cat trying to become friends ☺️

  • I love this little kitten! She may be a Norwegian Forrest Cat? Very smart!

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  • Kitty is computing all the possible ways to neutralize of the puppy before leaving the cage :) Puppy just want to play.

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  • You see the first little bit that's my kitten gizzy

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  • Неправильно знакомят...не чувствует себя в безопасности, вот и лезет во все щели....

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  • Hola, cual sera la raza del perrito?

  • bel video

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  • Funny how the much larger pup is so skittish around the kitten. So cute!

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  • Such a good video. Marvelous patience...no forced interaction. WONDERFUL.

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  • That kitten is super young, what 5 weeks?

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  • konews.info/block/i4maypm0pLtheqk/bidio

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  • 15:43 Seol Bite Sowoon nuts. Me: I can feel his pain xd

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  • Am the dog scared is the cat ( spider). It’s such a bundle of fluffy joy. Love them both. But am a cat person. 🌹❤️🌹

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  • Please add a pet mouse too !!!!

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  • The kitten is asking: is this bag of fluff all mine?

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  • The other kids are playing outside 😁😁

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    • Now they're inside :)

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  • Over time the dog will be accustomed to the little kitty and it will be his companion while the owners are not home. How lovely is that. No one wants to see a lonely dog without a friend or buddy.

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  • after 4-5 days, kitten is just too tired and exhausted to care hahahaha!

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  • talking about putting initial stress on a kitten, but i guess it has to be done sometime for them to get along....hahaha

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  • шпиц бестолковый

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  • I love you guys. I've watched your family for more than a year and I just love you. I had to put my cat down last week. I had her since 2007 and rescued her from a freezing alley in Chicago. I'm really trying to not watch things, which will make me think of her. I always feel better watching your videos, though. Love from Texas.

    QuestloveQuestlove4 일 전
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