Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello - Señorita (Live From The AMAs / 2019)


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I love it when you call me señorita
I wish I could pretend I didn't need ya
But every touch is ooh la la la
It's true, la la la
Ooh, I should be running
Ooh, you keep me coming for you

Land in Miami
The air was hot from summer rain
Sweat dripping off me
Before I even knew her name, la la la
It felt like ooh la la la
Yeah no
Sapphire moonlight
We danced for hours in the sand
Tequila sunrise
Her body fit right in my hands, la la la
It felt like ooh la la la, yeah

I love it when you call me señorita
I wish I could pretend I didn't need you
But every touch is ooh la la la
It's true, la la la
Ooh, I should be running
Ooh, you know I love it when you call me señorita
I wish it wasn't so damn hard to leave you
But every touch is ooh la la la
It's true, la la la
Ooh, I should be running
Ooh, you keep me coming for ya

Locked in the hotel
There's just some things that never change
You say we're just friends
But friends don't know the way you taste, la la la
'Cause you know it's been a long time coming
Don't you let me fall

Ooh, when your lips undress me
Hooked on your tongue
Ooh love, your kiss is deadly
Don't stop

I love it when you call me señorita
I wish I could pretend I didn't need you
But every touch is ooh la la la
It's true, la la la
Ooh, I should be running
Ooh, you know I love it when you call me señorita
I wish it wasn't so damn hard to leave ya
But every touch is ooh la la la
It's true, la la la
Ooh, I should be running
Ooh, you keep me coming for you

All along I've been coming for you
And I hope it meant something to you
Call my name, I'll be coming for you
Coming for you, coming for you, coming for you

For you (ooh, she loves it when I come)
For you

Ooh, I should be running
Ooh, you keep me coming for you




  • Wow y love you Camila Cabello 🙈 dieses so Quet❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰😃👏😘👍👍👍👍👍👍

    NikoNiko시간 전
  • Wow

    Monika suryawanshiMonika suryawanshi시간 전
  • 2:08 LIL NAS X 😂Vibing

    Shashank PoojariShashank Poojari8 시간 전
  • Taylor Swift - Awww my babies have grown up 🥺🥺❤❤

    Pink ButterflyPink Butterfly12 시간 전
  • Que locura la voz de esta mujer

  • Todos somos Taylor viendo Camila y Méndez

    nayeli huahuacondori huanaconayeli huahuacondori huanaco일 전
  • I can’t pronounce camilas name like I can not say it I can say her last name but I can’t say her first name correctly

    Devastators ArmyDevastators Army일 전
  • it's not her it's Camila Cabello

    Erin HafnerErin Hafner일 전
  • Taylor Swift's reaction is so cute 🥰

    PNJ EditsPNJ Edits일 전
  • Best couple ever ❤

    SaharSahar일 전
  • Se la re viven estos dos!!! No soy envidiosa pero cuando veo este video la envidia me corroeeeeee 😁

    Tabata TcorTabata Tcor일 전
  • I never get bore this song

    princess sukiprincess suki일 전
  • Their voices sounds so good together

    Montana MartinMontana Martin일 전
  • What the they are grate together ❤

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  • Is this her fairy godmother next to Taylor? Like his and taylors reaction are so cute omg

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  • they sure look great together GBU both

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  • my heart won't take so much love 🥺😍❤️❤️❤️

    Alexandre Marques MacielAlexandre Marques Maciel2 일 전
  • Best performance

    Julia MontalvoJulia Montalvo2 일 전
  • It's their original voice

    Dishanth DDishanth D2 일 전
  • this part i saw at shawn mendes consert

    mohammad farit bin rajulimohammad farit bin rajuli2 일 전
  • Soooo romantic but soooo decent.. i just love both of them. May god bless them with lot's of love.. Love frm INDIA ❤️

  • Lil nas vibing..

    McKadesh KukutuMcKadesh Kukutu2 일 전
  • Three years and this performance and song is still lit.

    LauraLaura3 일 전
  • So so lovely!

    Claudia AlvesClaudia Alves3 일 전
  • Definisi dunia berasa milik berdua

    Khaerunnisa QaulanKhaerunnisa Qaulan3 일 전
  • 3:20 Taylor is like OMG THEY ARE GOING TO KISSSSSS!!!

    stormyMoonlight_25stormyMoonlight_253 일 전
  • Taylor swift waitingg for the kiss at the end be like🤗

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  • They are actually so Gorgeous.....

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  • Taylor swift reactions are amazing

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  • they’re chemistry is just *chefs kiss* but i rlly makes me miss CAMREN

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  • Taylor's reaction is priceless

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  • I can watch this 10000000000 times again n again

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  • Love Shawnmila♥️💯

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  • 2:09 bahahaha lil nas x bopping to the music sentttt me

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  • Y acá podemos ver cómo Camila por fin brilla como debía brillar…sin las Five Harmony…

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  • Wow that was some love right there...

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  • My favorite favorite song

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  • I am a singer and i so want to sing and perform this way with someone special

    shruti sehgalshruti sehgal6 일 전
    • this is just so damn hot

      shruti sehgalshruti sehgal6 일 전
  • So good

    Captain NC GamingCaptain NC Gaming6 일 전
  • kids, that's where they fell more and more inlove😍

    ebptebpt7 일 전
  • i will never forget this perf. my gosh. taylor's reaction was everything!! ....shawn is obviously so in when camila removed her earpiece and he removed his too, it was like "where you go I go, what you do I do, I'll follow you around wherever you go i'm not letting you go!" heart heart!!!

    redlips.writtenwordsredlips.writtenwords8 일 전
  • I really wish that she would stop improvising. That drives me insane. Shawn has a much more humble personality. It's much more attractive.

    Kaylei BurkeKaylei Burke8 일 전
  • Lovely. Passionate. Deep. 🥰💪💃

  • 3:24 And in that moment everyone was longing for them to kiss 💋😘.

    jokes on Maryjokes on Mary9 일 전
  • Lil nas was here

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  • This song is never going to oldd❤️shawwnn🥵

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  • 2:47 taylor swift is so cute😭

    Maryjoy GritanMaryjoy Gritan9 일 전
  • At 1:57 Shawn was like Camilla we're on stage but literally it looked like he forgot that himself in 2 seconds, and the way she grabbed him and called him by hand sign it was like dude she was flexing

    Moona MansoorMoona Mansoor9 일 전
  • I felt I was third wheeling the whole time Btw Taylor's reaction 2:48

    Moona MansoorMoona Mansoor9 일 전
  • Taylor swift's reaction is so funny

    Bangladeshi midzyBangladeshi midzy10 일 전
  • Shawn and camilla ❤ 😍 💖

    Bangladeshi midzyBangladeshi midzy10 일 전
  • Who’s that lady in 2:10

    Suryan PatherSuryan Pather10 일 전
  • Me gusta cuando me dices señorita

    Rodrigo.vidal LavidaRodrigo.vidal Lavida11 일 전
  • Eles dois tem uma química impecável!

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    • simm 😍💥

      samysamy일 전
  • Nunca vi tanta inveja reunida em um lugar só, na plateia claro!

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  • It

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  • We don't have love just like him

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  • 💜💙🇧🇩

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  • Супер супер!!!!!!!!!

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  • Live ? Isn't it's over react her

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  • ❤️

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  • ❤️

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  • I love them together

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  • Ang lalandi niyoooooo!

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  • Shawn: About to kiss her .Camila:oh wait your breath stinks 😂😂😂

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  • Lyrics are on fire❤️❤️❤️

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  • i am not ashamed to state that i literally looked this up

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  • Billy Porter and Taylor Swift are everybody watching!...

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  • I feel like I shouldn't be watching this 🥵😂

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  • when they take off there Ear bud things its like," Crap they doin something- something gonna happen"

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  • Demais da conta Shame e Camila amor do sonho ❤️

    Maria Bernadete De SouzaMaria Bernadete De Souza15 일 전
  • 2:05 ♡

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  • MeeeeeoDEEEEEOOOS WHAT WAS THAT? 😍🥵💙💃🏻🕺🏻

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  • Taylor becomes show stopper for every shows by her reactions ♥️✨

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  • taylor was like "oh my girl is getting it tonight"

  • Can i get 👍🏻 500 only

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  • Nas just vibing to the music with his cup of water lol

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  • That foo would get knocked out in fornt of the grain station

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  • One of the sexiest performances ever!

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  • hey everybody

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  • i feel like invading their privacy

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  • Pls the way he looks at her -

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  • taylors reaction always gets me til this day .

    jj 🤍.jj 🤍.16 일 전
  • 2:47 the way I love how Taylor reacts>>>

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  • Taylor is all of us 😂😂😂

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  • They are a disney couple🥺❤️

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  • BUt TAYLOR reaction is EVERYTHING...🤣😍

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