Linkin Park - Live at Rock In Rio USA, Las Vegas(2015/05/09)

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00:00 Intro
1:49 Papercut
5:26 Given Up
9:00 One Step Closer
12:35 A Line in the Sand
19:56 Runaway/Wastelands
24:47 Castle of Glass
29:12 Leave Out All The Rest/Shadow of the Day/Iridescent
34:24 Robot Boy (instrumental)
36:25 Mr.Hahn Solo
38:43 New Divide
43:15 Burn it Down
47:13 Skin to Bone/Wretches and Kings/Remember the Name
49:56 Numb
53:23 In The End
57:02 Faint
1:01:08 Waiting for the End
1:06:33 What i've Done
1:10:23 Bleed it Out




  • Rock in rio on usa, lol

    HybridKnot 2001HybridKnot 20014 일 전
  • Which song is the intro? Lol

    Brandon LBrandon L8 일 전
  • could someone tell me who sing "Faint" with guys ?

    Ирина ИоноваИрина Ионова10 일 전
  • 29:19 incredible performance 47:05 i'm so happy to see him smile

    Ирина ИоноваИрина Ионова10 일 전
  • Un velorio el publico, pero que tremendo show metieron, bestias

    Paula FernandezPaula Fernandez13 일 전
  • and the sun will set for you...

    Yulia TimoshenkoYulia Timoshenko14 일 전
  • Звук ни какой.

    TomklTomkl20 일 전
  • Ugh my heart!

    Tiny Tot Prop ShopTiny Tot Prop Shop21 일 전
  • At the time, I had no idea how blessed I was to have experienced Linkin Park perform this set to perfection before introducing Metallica. One of my fondest memories. RIP to the great Chester, you will forever be appreciated💯

    Jonatan AritaJonatan Arita25 일 전
  • Simply 8:35

    Ryu BenningtonRyu Bennington25 일 전
  • Brad used to hella get down in older videos, now hes lame as hell to watch

    Zakk DoddsZakk Dodds개월 전
  • All of LP are champs, RIP Chester, I love you All, Thank you Guys. & this beautiful venue!

    lisalisa개월 전
  • Rip chester bennington. . I always remember if you say Fucking..miss u so much

    Qurotul IstikanahQurotul Istikanah개월 전
  • Fantástic music very good

    Sandra OrtuñoSandra Ortuño개월 전
  • Chester's scream is so clean and in Tune, dammmnnnn

    Jan Gilbert TanJan Gilbert Tan개월 전

    Lisa luvs MusicLisa luvs Music2 개월 전
  • Saudades desse mito chamado Chester 🥺🥺

    Francisco MarlysonFrancisco Marlyson2 개월 전
  • This Sadness and Frustration will NEVER GO AWAY Chester. YOU'RE NOT HERE WITH US HOW CAN IT GO AWAY???? 💔😭

    KCKC2 개월 전
  • Miss you ❤Chester ❤..Miss you Linkinpark: ❤

    นิษฐกานต์ เจริญธนะนิษฐกานต์ เจริญธนะ2 개월 전
  • Always amazing and such energy and both voice so good together. ❤️ love 💕 so much well miss but hopefully the band keeps on because they are great 👍

    Claire ByrneClaire Byrne2 개월 전
  • asik

    udin kelilingudin keliling3 개월 전
  • почему у Шиноды микрофон настроили, и сделали ГРОМЧЕ ( он даже шёпотом поёт и его слышно) а Честер надрывается а звука нет

    Рейст ИмморталРейст Иммортал3 개월 전
  • 13/6/2021 anyone?

    Assra MarketingAssra Marketing3 개월 전
  • Sad to say but Linkin Park died with Chester. This combo of Mike and Chester cannnever be touched!!

    Mike EzepekMike Ezepek3 개월 전
  • like

    Василий ПупкинВасилий Пупкин3 개월 전
  • Holy fucking shit that man can scream.

    christopher morabitochristopher morabito3 개월 전
  • 👍🤩☺️😘

    ธนวรรณ อารมณ์สุขธนวรรณ อารมณ์สุข4 개월 전
  • 🇧🇷👊🏼👊🏼🎶🎼🎵

    William LimaWilliam Lima4 개월 전
  • Love you Chester and band! Im so sorry that I only found this awesome love in my heart for your music after your passing. I regret not having opened my heart to the music sooner. And I regret that I was very loyaly part of the "True Metal" group of people which I only now see has been very closed minded of me. And that groups like these who stood up to Chester and Nu Metal in general, may have have been partly the cause of his suicide. I realize that he had already suffered from depression, but I truly believe that this rejection pushed it on towards his end. Sorry, and I love you so so so so so very much! You have no idea! heart heart heart to Linkin Park!!!

    Snow FlakeSnow Flake4 개월 전
  • #shinodaSuX

    WilloX1980WilloX19804 개월 전
  • What the fuck is wrong with that crowd?

    paulo dieckelpaulo dieckel4 개월 전
  • HELL YA! i would die to be at this concert in 2021

    Bryce JohnsonBryce Johnson4 개월 전
  • ''Keep me in your memory, ;eave out all the rest''

    Shiv Vashishtha BhargavaShiv Vashishtha Bhargava4 개월 전
  • Shit Dummy audience They don’t know how to cheer up a legendary artists and a legendary band Chester Charles Bennington ❤️

    Sunil MagarSunil Magar5 개월 전
  • Miss you Chester B 😭😭😭

    Suzanne CharetteSuzanne Charette5 개월 전
  • Cada show e uma emoção diferente LinkPark caraa nao vai ter outro igual vou escutar em 2021..2022.2023..2024..2025..2033..2044

    Mr. M ProduçõesMr. M Produções5 개월 전
  • 29:40 so sad :( RIP CHESTER!

    Rapportus5Rapportus55 개월 전
  • Mike is genius with beats and lyrics + chester is legend = linkin park ❤️

    Manojit KararManojit Karar5 개월 전
    • And what about with Mr. Hahn, Phoenix, Brad and Rob ?

      R4mpage2R4mpage25 개월 전
  • спасибо тебе, Честер, люблю всей душой, мир тебе мужик

    Игорь ВячеславовичИгорь Вячеславович5 개월 전

    israelsenaisraelsena5 개월 전

    israelsenaisraelsena5 개월 전
  • i need more distortion, Brad

    Nelnon NooNelnon Noo5 개월 전
  • Chester.I Love You

    Dusngrat ThongthstDusngrat Thongthst6 개월 전
  • que buenos conciertos daba. lastima que no pude ir a ninguno. TT, lloro

    Mr. Kim bestMr. Kim best6 개월 전
  • ##MikeShinoda should have said #thankyoufornothing 😅🤣😂

    Lizybeth MendozaLizybeth Mendoza6 개월 전
  • #CHESTER was angry I can tell. Because the crowd make him mad. 🙄😬😵😱 see just a few group maybe 100 or a little more. But probably were real fans the rest. Disappointed in #vegas #RIP #CHESTER

    Lizybeth MendozaLizybeth Mendoza6 개월 전
  • #CHESTERBennington #GodRestHisSoul reminds me of my brother Germán Cabassa Almodovar.

    Lizybeth MendozaLizybeth Mendoza6 개월 전
  • And it took me 5:00 mins to notice that people in Nevada sucks well the tourist. 👎looks like few people only like the music. But for a big crowd theres no enthusiasm. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Lizybeth MendozaLizybeth Mendoza6 개월 전
  • I can't believe believe people in Europe are more fond of rock music and bands than #nevada that sucks. All they want is naked or half naked women DISGUST. European countries are more respectful and more fun too.

    Lizybeth MendozaLizybeth Mendoza6 개월 전
  • This it's the first time I see a crowd that are boring.... OMG

    Lizybeth MendozaLizybeth Mendoza6 개월 전
  • Essa playlist desse show foi muito boa 😍❤️ pena que o público deixou a desejar com uma banda como Linkin Park não estavam nem um pouco animados

    Jéssica AraújoJéssica Araújo6 개월 전
    • Isso é o que da fazer um rock in rio em las vegas kkkkkkk mano, nada a ver

      Matheus MarcondesMatheus Marcondes개월 전
    • Concordo plenamente público muito morgado

      Francisco MarlysonFrancisco Marlyson3 개월 전
  • o pior público que já vi,nem parece uma banda da casa

    Bernardo NunesBernardo Nunes6 개월 전
    • Né isso

      Francisco MarlysonFrancisco Marlyson3 개월 전
  • 18:54 joder!!!

    HefloxHeflox6 개월 전
  • 42:23 the Corona... 5 years ago.... Miss ur voice Chester... :(

    Minh Nhật Nguyễn HoàngMinh Nhật Nguyễn Hoàng6 개월 전
  • I was there!!! Right up front, close and personal!

    Jodi HigginsJodi Higgins7 개월 전
  • did anyone see in the intro " The corona can has arrived" haha

    Brode SmithBrode Smith7 개월 전
  • E a música brasileira de abertura kkkk na América ainda kkkk

    Dave FrUsDave FrUs7 개월 전
  • It is just me, or the sound kind a bit weird on the first 3 song. after then return to normal...

    sob mysob my8 개월 전
  • Química perfeita : B+S = BENNODA💖💔💔💔💔

    Maria MonteiroMaria Monteiro8 개월 전
  • Chester , o lado Hard Rockk do LP...💔sinto sua falta ..😔

    Maria MonteiroMaria Monteiro8 개월 전
  • SNES & GBA classics games on:

    Jota De JonasJota De Jonas9 개월 전
  • Dead crowd

    André Monsao BritoAndré Monsao Brito9 개월 전
  • Que asco de publico wey. Como habría querido yo haber estado algún día en sus conciertos :C

    ViruZViruZ년 전
  • That lightning😐

    Nauval khosy ammaar dzakyNauval khosy ammaar dzaky년 전
  • 🙏💔💖😎

    Sammy LeighSammy Leigh년 전
  • 47:04 this smile mannnn

    Djordje RadovanovicDjordje Radovanovic년 전

    Asnur AirtirisAsnur Airtiris년 전
  • That Transition from Runaway to Wastelands was awesome

    Mohit ChaturvediMohit Chaturvedi년 전
  • Почему не кто не замечает, что ему больно петь? Все смеются и не обращают внимания, на то как он сильно корчит лицо при попытке петь?

    Была Не былаБыла Не была년 전
    • Он всегда пел через боль и что?

      Andrey PredatorAndrey Predator4 개월 전
  • chester did his best,,,,

    Lahiru PereraLahiru Perera년 전
  • wtf ? recorded sound by someone deaf and crowd stoned sad.

    Tomáš SvobodaTomáš Svoboda년 전
  • как можно ставить дизлайки таким видео?! концерт же пушка просто

    vat katvat kat년 전
  • Love them forever ....♥

  • make chester proud

    Sandy BLUMBANG_OMBO talun blitarSandy BLUMBANG_OMBO talun blitar년 전
  • It was wanderfull !

    Georg DimitrofffGeorg Dimitrofff년 전
  • this was shit

    リック・フレアーリック・フレアー년 전
  • I miiss this Guy Chester!

    Patrick Nicolae PinsonPatrick Nicolae Pinson년 전
  • 19:29 Ma boi M. Shinoda close to heart attack

    CamRebiresCamRebires년 전
  • Que coisa horrosa esse público na moral nao sabe nem receber a banda direito, por isso que muita banda prefere o brasil. Saudades de voce Chester.

    Alexandre GomesAlexandre Gomes년 전
  • 0:11 Done For You Money Automatic Profit

    Take Free SpinTake Free Spin년 전
  • I was there. I've been LP fan since 2000 as a kid. This was my first LP concert (and in retrospect last). So glad I was able to see chester live before he left. RIP brother

    Jerry Akamu AdamsJerry Akamu Adams년 전
  • Live bagusan yg di texas

    Suryo PrakosoSuryo Prakoso년 전
  • Exactly 3 years and 2 days it is beautiful Lord when you took your life. I will never forget you Chester never will I forget your voice that has given meaning to my life. Rest in peace Chester I miss you

    Linkin_Park_Fan_2002Linkin_Park_Fan_2002년 전
    • Chester was murdered as well as Chris Cornell!!

      Suzanne CharetteSuzanne Charette5 개월 전
  • So regret never being on their concert... :( RIP Chester!

    Piano_amateurPiano_amateur년 전
  • this is sooo good, the duo of voices was so epic

    cain035cain035년 전
  • this crowd is trash

  • R. I. P Chester. Og tak for din smukke musik ❤️🖤

    Susanne ChristensenSusanne Christensen년 전
  • The people there has no reaction, my god! They didn’t know how LP is great! Especially the Lead Vocalist . He’s great voice, he hit the highest note, almost all line up songs are so very high 🙄🙏🏻

    Suzaine Marie TVSuzaine Marie TV년 전
  • brasiiil!!!

    André AntônioAndré Antônio년 전
  • R.I.P. Chester Bennington

    Mara PimentaMara Pimenta년 전
  • Did not say "hey Los Angeles ' in the beginning!!!😶. . ..

    Mike Lee from AlaskaMike Lee from Alaska년 전
  • 54:11 Corona has arrived 😂

    Fi3Fi3년 전
    • E uguale 😅😅

      Lucio MarchiniLucio Marchini년 전
  • If I can choose something...I will choose to be there with your concert Chester and my Linkin Park look very amazing

    luckylady naraklovelyluckylady naraklovely년 전
  • Paper cut and hit the floor are my favorite songs by far

    ChiefChief년 전
  • Que publico ruim...

    Matheus De DeusMatheus De Deus년 전
  • Знаете я думаю что русский рок Возродился в виде группы louna Это линкин парк по русски Респект 😉👍🤘💪😎💖💘💜💋💋💋

    Анна РасщупкинаАнна Расщупкина년 전
  • His voice sounded tired

    Christopher JuratovacChristopher Juratovac년 전
  • 😢Repara no Semblante do Mike na música numb 😔

    Luis HenriqueLuis Henrique년 전
  • A única parte menos boa foi eles misturando Castle of Glass com POP, quem concorda respira.

    Luis HenriqueLuis Henrique년 전
  • I Love You All

    Yehezkel HoshangiYehezkel Hoshangi년 전